About Robert Rosofsky

There are many consultants who possess technical skills in information technology and electronic medical records. There are others who specialize in health sector management, service delivery, quality improvement, and policy development.

Robert Rosofsky brings together an expansive understanding of the public health and health care sectors in these areas with expertise in information systems development, data management, and data analysis. He approaches his work with a “big picture” perspective of organizational mission and project objectives, and then provides the technical services needed to support these goals.

In addition to his technical expertise, Robert has strong skills in written and oral communications, project management, and policy analysis. He works with governmental agencies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and private concerns.

Through his firm, Health Information Systems Consulting LLC, he provides consultation services as a solo practitioner, teams up with other organizations that can benefit by his unique combination of skills, and works with partners who can complement his offerings.

Robert Rosofsky has high standards, professional integrity, and a strong commitment to the public’s health.