Present & Past Clients

3 Years of Project Oversight
Quality assurance management and evaluation of health record exchange utility among Delaware hospitals and health care providers
Business Analyst
Contract management, quality assurance, system business requirements documentation and vendor oversight for multiple Maine state health agencies' projects
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since 2009
Project management, vendor oversight, and systems development, for monitoring drug and vaccine safety through use of health plan claims, EMR data, and supplementary sources
Consulting Analyst
Created SAS system enhancements that more than halved the time for generating statistical products for multiple financial analysis systems
Consulting Analyst
Development of health care financial statistics from health care claims
Health System Consulting
Researched and recommended system improvements for health data integration in Wyoming state and upstate New York care networks
Project Manager
Implementation management and vendor liaison for integrated public health information systems and web-based birth and death certificate registration systems
I’m working here now...
Process improvement and system enhancements to improve analyses of readmissions and multiple surveys
Consulting Data Analyst
System development for transforming All Payer Claims Database records into inpatient and ambulatory visits, to enable cost analyses
Consulting Analyst
Analysis of administrative data to assess variation in birth outcomes by race and ethnicity and HMO vs. non-HMO populations
Consulting Analyst
Development of multiple systems to calculate health quality performance measures using claims and EMR data
Systems Consultant
Developed RFP and managed vendor engagement for new data and voice services
3 Years of Analytical Consulting
Development, analysis, and production of data products on health care quality improvement for Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries
(No website available - Organization may have disbanded)
Consulting Analyst
Process improvement and SAS system enhancements to improve staff productivity, performance efficiencies, and system functionality
(No website available - Organization may have disbanded)
Consulting Analyst
SAS development to analyze health care resource utilization and outcomes using claims data
Research and Interviewing
Conducted analysis to determine feasibility of establishing a state health workforce data center